Deposit Insurance Fund (DIF)

We are licensed by the European Central Bank and supervised by the Bank of Lithuania. All our deposits are covered by Lithuania Deposit and Investment Scheme (DIF) which follows same rules and regulation as other members of European Economical Area (EEA).

Safeguarding Account

We are ready to work closely with Payment Institutions and E-money Institutions to set up Safeguarding Accounts, a necessary step in gaining a European financial licence.

Segregated Account

Our Segregated Accounts allow you to hold customers’ funds separately, in compliance with the UK Payment Services Regulations 2017 and Electronic Money Regulations 2011, and other relevant European legislation.

Settlement Account

Our Settlement Accounts allow you to receive and pay out your customers’ funds in multiple currencies. All settlement accounts can have underlying virtual IBANs, making the reconciliation of funds in and out easy.

Current Account

Our current accounts are designed to fulfill your operational and treasury needs. Via this single account you can also link to all underlying IBANs, giving you the opportunity for department, entity or operational reconciliation, without the burden of multiple bank accounts.

Accumulative Account

Account for formation of authorized capital when setting up a new company.

Memberships and Partners

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