Working capital loan

We know that cash flow can not be always predictable and reliable. We also know that cash flow is the vital life-blood of your business. We’ll be there to give you support when you need it through our working capital loan facility. A short term loan solution to help you manage and fund your working capital needs. We’ve got your back when you most need it.

Credit line

You plan well and you have a good strategy, but despite this there is always the possibility of an unexpected surprise. Situations may change, sometimes without warning. You need the ability to meet these funding challenges with certainty. How big or how much it may be shouldn’t matter, and we have made sure that it doesn’t. We’ve got you covered with our credit line facility. A fast and flexible funding solution just when you need it to supplement your company’s working capital.


You don’t want to be constrained, you want to be as agile as your business needs you to be. We understand your needs and accordingly make available to you our overdraft facility. No fixed terms, just flexibly as and when you need it. Your safety net for helping you to accomplish whatever you have in mind, from accelerating your business to smooth out cash flow bumps. Ready whenever you are.

Investment loan

It’s time for the next step, to move your business to the next level. For whatever you may need it, we have the solution to help you achieve your capital investment goals. From building or renovating premises, buying land plots, launching a new project or investing in technology that will help you outpace the competition, we have the right option for you, our investment loan. Perfect for fixed asset investments and for helping your business grow with a capital infusion just when you need it.

Long term loans with EU support

Being in the EU has benefits and you want access to these, and so you should. To this end we offer you the option of an EU supported loan. This is the ideal funding option for long term projects. You belong in the club and we make sure that you benefit from your membership through this loan option. Go on, boost your business.

Money Market Lending

The more options the better, you know it and so do we. You don’t want to get caught short without enough cash so take advantage of our money market lending facility. We let you tap into inter-bank money markets anywhere in the world. A great option for funding periods of up to one year. Fast cash, come and get some.

Bilateral Loans

There are times you need facilities that extend a little further out into the future. There are also times when one size does not fit all. Sometimes you must have exactly what you need, not simply that which is being offered. For this we offer loans made to banks on a bilateral basis with tailor-made conditions to suit you. With terms of up to five years and that measure up to precisely what you want. Perfect.

Memberships and Partners

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